Are you tired of being in pain?

Do you feel like you should be over this already?

Have you tried everything and feel stuck and in need of results?


I help people to get rid of pain so they can move with ease and actively enjoy their career and family.

I can help with
  • Pain 
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Restoring Movement
All without drugs or side effects!
“Aligned and Pain Free” is a mind and body realignment program that promotes holistic wellness (health).
This program utilizes personal training techniques, anti-inflammatory nutritional education, and emotional balancing to manage the energy of the body and  effectively reduce or eliminate pain.
Empowering people is my passion because I know firsthand the impact that physical and emotional trauma can have on one’s life and well-being. Through my own journey, I have healed myself both emotionally and physically by embracing a wide range of natural healing modalities; Access Bars, doTERRA Essential Oils, Mind/Body Renewal Programs, and many others. I know what it is like to wake up each day feeling emotionally and physically drained. Today, however, I am happy, joyful, and grateful for my journey.
If you are struggling with physical or emotional trauma, I can help you! 
Contact me today to learn more about how natural healing can restore balance in your life.

"My mind is quieter and clear, I'm lighter and have more energy. I feel less tension after this session than after I have a massage."

-Therese S.


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