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Create peace & calmness in a painful mind and painful body.
Clear and move out of struggle into possibilities.

Rediscover Yourself, Naturally

Where choosing Ease, Joy & Happiness can be your Reality.

Meet Mary Ann Brown

Natural Health Specialist

I’m Mary Ann, and I provide relief even for desperate people who have had little to no success with traditional medicine. Contact me today to learn more about how natural healing can restore balance in your life.

I am a native Pittsburgher with more than 30 years of experience as a healthcare professional. I am passionate about assisting people to rediscover themselves and live their best lives by improving their physical and emotional well-being. I embrace a wide range of natural healing and miraculous movement systems of healing to facilitate change within the mind, body, and soul to release stuck energies, blockages, and limitations.

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Areas of Specialty

My ideal clients are men and women 40+ who are seeking major change and are ready to experience major transformation in their lives. I help people get rid of their so they can move with ease and actively enjoy their career and family life. I offer natural solutions to help you start living your best life.

I can help with

Pain / Restoring Movement / Stress  

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Mind Body Renewal Session

Ideal for the person who is exhausted and need restoration. It is a unique energy modality using your body’s pressure points that will relax, refresh and rejuvenate your body and restore your sole.

Functional Movement Training
Back to Life Healing Boot Camp


Mind Body Renewal Session

What is your body saying with the way it is moving? Our bodies can tell us so much; we just need to understand how to listen. I help my clients form powerful connections between their physical bodies and mental mind to ease their flow through life. By integrating metaphysical mental aspects with physical body movements, I ease pain, improve overall wellness and more.

Comprehensive Training

Functional Movement Training: Restores ease of movement packages available upon request.

Back To Life Healing Boot Camp Program:

Combines the Mind Body Renewal and Functional Movement Training

Supplemental Services

> ALLERGY RELIEF using natural remedies and Auricular Acupressure (Initial Consultation $120/follow up sessions $40)


> Auricular Acupressure (Auricular Needleless Acupuncture {Allergy Sessions, Tinnitus Sessions, Hearing Loss, Pain Relief} Using various points on the ear)

> ZYTO Compass Scan

> Customized Essential Oil Wellness Consultation, Supplements Upon Request


Supplemental Services

(Auricular Needleless Acupuncture {Allergy sessions, Tinnitus sessions, Hearing loss, Pain Relief} Using various points on the ear)

Using natural remedies and Auricular Acupressure

(Initial consult: $120
Follow up sessions: $40)

Think of this like a GPS for your car that helps you go in the right direction and be proactive about your health care. Simply place your hand on the hand cradle and the Zyto scan energetically scans your body for 76 bio markers.

I assist people in clearing and moving out of struggle into possibilities.

Over the internet.

Corporate Presentations: I will come to your place of business for speaking engagements, stress release trainings and sessions or relaxation trainings and sessions.


Healing Circle With A Twist

Saturday, June 8 and 22

Green Heiress Holistic Health

1150 Freeport Road

Join me,  Mary Ann, as I teach you to energetically move "stuck" energies from your body through movement and through mini Access Bars Sessions. 

The Healing Circles with a Twist incorporates healing while moving since in life we are never stagnant, always moving.

11:00 am to 12:00 pm
COST: $15.00
Pay here to hold your spot:

Register at 412-327-9216

Mind, Body Renewal Sessions (Access Bars)

Every Saturday in June

Ideal for the person who is exhausted and needs restoration. This unique energy modality uses your body's pressure points to relax, refresh and rejuvenate your body and restore your soul. 

By Appointment

For more information contact Mary Ann 412-3279216,



"Mary Ann is a true professional and certainly has healing fingers. She genuinely cares about people and wants to teach them how they can remove negative and toxic thoughts out of their lives to make room for things we’ve never thought could be possible."

— Soul Health Chronicles

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