Pain No More

Helping you find freedom from debilitating pain so you can get your life back.

Pain No More

Helping you find freedom from debilitating pain so you can get your life back.

Emotional Freedom

Time Freedom

Health Freedom

Energy Freedom

Mary Ann helps men and women who suffer from debilitating pain unlock their natural state of wellness so they can find relief, live pain-free, and take their power back.

If you’ve been suffering from short or long-term chronic pain. If you’ve tried everything yet nothing seems to work. If you feel hopeless, stuck, and on the brink of giving up. If you are ready to find healing through your natural state of wellness, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Mary Ann, A Different Kind of Healer

Do you have chronic pain, and nothing seems to help?

Are you thinking…there is someone out there who can help me, I wish I could

find them?

You feel like you tried everything.

Why does life and healing have to be this hard?

Modern life is full of stress, overwhelm, and confusion, and when we are looking for answers for our healing, it can feel hopeless.

Well, you’re not alone. I have been there, and I found my way to healing.

About 10 years ago I had cancer, I was suffering from complications. Western medicine wasn’t helping I felt stuck, hopeless, nowhere to turn, and at times I would lay in bed fearing I hit rock bottom with no way out. 

Luckily, that hopeless feeling, that belief that I could never get out of this, was all a lie told by my inner critic. I decided enough is enough and I took my healing into my own hands. 

I got certified in many natural healing modalities. That is when I discovered my gift for intuitive healing and connecting my mind and emotions with my body.


Eventually, I realized that my own natural ability to heal was always within me, and like a garden hose, I had been pinching off the flow.

Where I am today...

Now my life is so much joy, living my life in the highest and greatest possibilities. I’m totally healthy without prescriptions or chronic issues. I have dedicated myself to helping other people overcome their conditions when they feel stuck, hopeless, and trapped with nowhere to turn.

I’m here to help, please get in touch.

Pain No More - How I healed my chronic conditions and how you can too.

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Who does Mary Ann work with?

Mary Ann Brown is an International Breakthrough Specialist aiding and assisting men and women who are struggling to overcome chronic health conditions.

Do any of the following points sound like you? If so, you’d be an excellent fit for Mary Ann’s signature process, The New Path to Healing.

You suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia or mystery illnesses that no one can diagnose. You’ve tried traditional and/or alternative therapies with little to no avail, and you have not gotten the help you need.

You understand that sometimes the blocks to our healing can be rooted within ourselves. You aren’t afraid to dive into the mind-body connection as a path to uncovering your own natural healing abilities and having some help to that would be great.

You have been told you are sensitive or empathic. Perhaps you have blocked out all the overwhelm from the world around you and it shows up as symptoms in your body.

Mary Ann has extensive experience working with individuals all around the world. If you feel like you match any of the key points above, she may just be the person to help you find ease and relief in your healing journey.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Mary Ann Brown as my coach has been one of the most life-changing experiences of my life—one of the best decisions I have ever made in fact! In just 12 weeks, I have learned so much about alignment in both my body and my emotional state. She helped me to release some blocks that were holding me back, and to open up to a new world of possibilities. In my opinion, she is a miracle worker, and I hope to continue working with her now and in the future.” – A.H.

“Before working with Mary Ann I was overwhelmed, stressed, and in limbo. I worked with her for six weeks as she helped rewire my way of thinking. Now, I feel much calmer and at peace. Mary Ann is a true healer, and I would recommend her to anyone.” - C.J

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