Are you living in happiness and empowerment?


Are you living in negativity and unhappiness?

Break through your inner vibrational ceiling and witness

incredible changes as you soar beyond past limitations!

Experience transformations:

💫Fear into inner trust and confidence

💫Anger into inner peace

💫Anxiousness into calmness

💫Stressed into feeling relieved


😂Inner joy

😂Inner peace

😂Inner happiness

😂Inner confidence

😂Energized, Feeling alive



21 Days to create the habit plus three to embody it


Break through your inner vibrational ceiling AND embrace the journey.

Witness incredible changes that unfold as you soar beyond the limitations of the past.

When we raise our own inner vibration, we also raise the vibration of the collective!!

You may find yourself with increased motivation, improved well-being and a greater ability to navigate challenges with resilience.

Positive energy tends to attract positive outcomes in your life.

Embrace the journey of expansion, reaching heights you never thought possible.

Spread your wings and soar into a life of boundless possibilities!

🔥**Expanded Consciousness:**

Breaking through the inner vibrational ceiling opens the gateway to heightened awareness and a broader understanding of your existence

🔥**Increased Energy Levels:**

Elevating your vibrational frequency can lead to a boost in energy, reducing feelings of fatigue and promoting a more active lifestyle.

🔥** Improved Health:**

Higher vibrational frequencies are linked to overall well-being, improved immune system and potentially contributing to improved physical health and vitality.

🔥**Spiritual Connection:**

Many individuals report a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and connection as they increase their inner vibration, leading to a more profound understanding of their purpose and place in the world.

🔥**Enhanced Creativity:**

Tap into a wellspring of creativity and innovation as your elevated vibration opens up new channels of inspiration.

As part of the challenge you receive:

🔥22 Days of Daily Vibrational Activations

🔥22 Days of Daily Quantum Healing Codes

🔥+ 2 Bonuses

🔥Access to the Vibrational Reboot & Rejuvenation Facebook group

to post wins & ask questions

Meet Your Host

Welcome to my world of holistic healing!

I’m Mary Ann Brown, With over two decades of experience,

I am an intuitive mind-body holistic health specialist
dedicated to guiding individuals through transformative journeys.

My expertise lies in creating harmony between the physical, spiritual,

and emotional realms, drawing from a wealth of

life experiences, education and certifications.

Having battled toxic negative beliefs and physical challenges
myself, I understand the struggles of being trapped in painful conditions.

It took over half my lifetime to break through these limitations, paving the way
for joy and freedom to embrace my authentic self.

I'm not just a coach,

as a master of rewiring subconscious beliefs and releasing pain,

I specialize in bringing about holistic wellbeing.

I comprehend the intricate dance of the mind, body, and spirit,

serving as a catalyst for freedom, self-empowerment,

confidence, inner joy, and peace.

As an intuitive, energetic healer, certified body process
facilitator, mental fitness coach, certified personal trainer, certified
Pilates instructor, and PTA, I blend diverse skills to support individuals on
their path to physical, spiritual, and emotional transformation.

What makes me happy?

Rewiring subconscious beliefs!!

AND music festivals, dancing, hiking, biking, gardening,

playing in nature, and spending time with my dogs.

I am dedicated to being your catalyst for self-empowerment,
confidence, inner joy, and peace.

Join me on this transformative journey, where
mind, body, and spirit harmonize to shape a life of fulfillment and vitality.

I offer a safe, nonjudgmental space for

transformation to occur and there is an easier way to live life.