"Soul Scribe; Rewriting the Self Narrative Coaching Membership

Soul Scribe reflects the idea of delving deep into one's inner story and rewriting it for empowerment and growth. The inclusion of "Soul" signifies the deep, holistic approach, while "Scribe" implies the act of

rewriting and creating anew.

Through the use of many tools such as brain science, tapping, Quantum Human Design and the

Quantum Alignment System techniques,

you will

uncover and release negative patterns that

may be holding you back, while simultaneously

fostering self-love, self-worth, and inner peace.

Enroll in "Soul Scribe: Rewriting the Self Narrative"


embark on a transformative journey like no other.

As a member of the Soul Scribe community, you will have
access to a supportive and empowering space where you can connect with like-minded individuals

who are also on a journey of

self-discovery and personal growth.

The weekly coaching sessions will provide you with guidance, accountability, and encouragement as you navigate the ups and downs of
rewriting your self-narrative and stepping into your power.

As a member, you will receive exclusive access to a

comprehensive program designed to help you

delve deep into your inner narrative


rewrite it for empowerment and growth.

Why this membership is so important?

As an experienced intuitive holistic coach and Certified Quantum Alignment Specialist,

I understand the power of the brain and
subconscious beliefs in shaping our lives.

Our inner narrative can either
propel us towards success or hold us back from reaching our full potential.
That's why I am excited to introduce Soul Scribe, a monthly coaching membership
program designed to support you in rewriting your self-narrative through various tools such as

tapping, quantum human design, and energetic processes.

Together, we will unlock your full potential and help you
step into the highest version of yourself.

Rewrite your story and create
a new narrative that empowers you to live a life of

purpose, abundance, and joy.

It takes deep courage to re-invent yourself

In this interactive weekly coaching session,

I'm offering healing

tools to step into trusting and loving yourself.

You will receive:

🫶Customized weekly 60-90 minute recorded interactive coaching sessions via Zoom

🙌Weekly sessions are Tuesday's at 8 PM EST

🫶Bi-monthly meditations to transmute unwanted life trauma, family and ancestral imprinting and conditioning (value of $44.00)

🙌Tools to re-write the conditioned narratives

🫶Tools to remove and shift negative self-talk into empowering self-talk

🙌Tools to remove and shift negative vibrations into higher frequencies

🫶Tools to shift from inner disbelief to trust

🙌Hot Seat opportunities for 1:1 coaching support

🫶Guest speakers

🙌Develop Inner feelings of self-love and self-trust

🫶A safe nonjudgmental space

🙌Q & A to share and discuss any thoughts that arise

🫶A community chat space to receive daily support

🙌A 67 page downloadable Personal Growth and Manifestation Journal

🫶A daily self-esteem check-in journal

🙌Monthly Beta investment is $77.00. Can be canceled at any time.

What is Quantum Human Design?

Your Quantum Human Design is a blueprint.

Your chart allows you to systematically analyze your personal narrative.

The parts of your chart outline your life curriculum.

They are NOT labels.

You are a dynamic expression of your story. Your life and outer experiences of reality can shift on a dime if you change your story.

Think of yourself more as a verb than a noun.

By intentionally rewriting your story, you start to make different choices that help you move towards greater well-being and optimal health.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in

negative patterns and limiting beliefs?

Do you struggle to break free from the stories

you tell yourself about who you

are and what you're capable of?

If so,

I have the perfect solution for you -

Soul Scribe, is a monthly coaching membership
designed to help you rewrite your subconscious beliefs and create a more empowering self-narrative.

I was VERY lost in life. I wanted something different.

I didn’t like who I was.

I didn't trust, value or love myself.

I was overwhelmed with feeling

unhappy, depressed, unsupported, and angry.

I felt powerless and wanted change!!!

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I’m Mary Ann Brown, With over two decades of experience,

I am an intuitive mind-body holistic health specialist

dedicated to guiding individuals

through transformative journeys.

My expertise lies in creating harmony between the

physical, spiritual, and emotional realms, drawing from a wealth of life experiences, education and certifications.

Having battled toxic negative beliefs and physical challenges

myself, I understand the struggles of

being trapped in painful conditions.

It took over half my lifetime to break through these limitations, paving the way for joy and freedom to

embrace my authentic self.

I'm not just a coach, as a master of rewiring

subconscious beliefs and releasing pain,

I specialize in bringing about holistic wellbeing.

I comprehend the intricate dance of the mind, body, and spirit, serving as a catalyst for freedom, self-empowerment,

confidence, inner joy, and peace.

As an intuitive, energetic healer, certified Quantum Alignment Specialist, certified body process facilitator, mental fitness coach, certified personal trainer, certified Pilates instructor, and PTA, I blend diverse skills to support individuals on their path to

physical, spiritual, and emotional transformation.

What makes me happy?

Rewiring subconscious beliefs!!


music festivals, dancing, hiking, biking, gardening,

playing in nature, and spending time with my dogs.

I am dedicated to being your catalyst for self-empowerment,

confidence, inner joy, and peace.

Join me on this transformative journey, where

mind, body, and spirit harmonize to

shape a life of fulfillment and vitality.

I offer a safe, nonjudgmental space for

transformation to occur and there is an easier way to live life.

For more information about my services: